Consolation to me

I can’t wish for the World to be a better place because my own world has shrunk to a micro system

One whose centre of gravity is me

My headaches are millions of gases wrapped around a ball of crystal to constitute my stars

My heartaches is a mighty globe called the sun

Trials and tribulations are daily feeds

How am I then supposed to emphasize with CNN

Forgive my selfishness but right now this World isn’t giving me anything

Instead it takes, takes, takes

My galaxy multiplies a million times over and no one bothers to understand

No one tried to understand,

Not the people who sing their love for me, not God

What should I do?

I can’t even protest, can you hate God? Can you hate life?

I don’t even want answer to that question,

 I want solutions

I don’t want to look at that brutal end as an exit,

I want to live life

I want to hear the first three bars of Wiz Khalifa’s maan and enjoy it like every other person my age

I think I don’t know what I want or how to get it,

I think poetry isn’t the consolation I expected,

I am more scared and depressed than I have ever been but…..

I know there is that little glimmer of hope

That miniature relief that lightens my micro system from time to time

I know it would rear its head pretty soon

If not today, then maybe tomorrow

I’d be patient and await its coming because I know deep down that no matter how or murky it get,

Once a while people would turn up

People who truly understand and care,

People who wouldn’t judge

People I’d like to start afresh with

Then a whole new galaxy would be born

And yes

It’d be beautiful just like me both inside and outside




Sometimes your heart needs to be broken
So you can see what’s underneath,
To the flicker and flame of your soul
That you’ve always been destined to meet.

Sometimes your spirit shines brighter
Through the glimmering light of your tears,
And when you arrive at the end of it all
Love will outshine the darkest of years

J drake


you can’t afford to look back
you can’t afford to feel sorry
you can’t afford to fall apart
not now
not anymore
it’s no longer a choice
you can’t second guess yourself
because you don’t have that luxury
once you start running you
keep running
there’s no other way
because as soon
as you make a mistake
you’re done
the slate is wiped clean
and there’s no chance in
hell you’re going to want to
start over

survival is a game
you learn how to play
and like any other game,
you can lose and
you can lose badly



A new message from him
I left all I was doing and opened the message
There it was
Sorry I can’t do this

I felt my heart pause
The strongest of headaches
My eyes were filled with tears
All my brain, my mind and my mouth could say was NO
No this isn’t happening
No this isn’t real like Tris from divergent would say
But yes it was real
We were done

What went wrong
I cried like an infant
I cried cause my heart was shattered
I cried cause I didn’t expect this in two years time
We were beautiful
We matched perfectly
He made me feel special
He made me smile sheepishly at my phone always

What went wrong
Who did I offend
Why does it have to end.


5 Things Nobody Tells You About Sex

I’d say Sex might look cool before you have it, but after then its just sex.

Hey Guys, before you pelt me with rotten eggs and tomatoes, let me just cast myself. Firstly yes, we’ve been epileptic with posts. I take responsibility for that. I feel like I’m basically nearing the end of my writing sojourn here. These days, i’m short on ideas and I just want to manage things. Might have to do with more responsibility and shit. Funny enough, I’m pretty frequent with my posts on TNC so I don’t understand it. Anyway, yeah…

So last month, a friend sent me this post which I featured on TNC, for the benefit of those who didn’t read it, I thought to share it here.

Please enjoy…

5 Things Nobody Tells You About Sex

Sex eh? Everyone talks about it. All the time. It must be amazing, right? Like eating magic plantain fried with the tears of 200 beautiful angels. Right? Maybe. I don’t know. Please…

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11 Thing Women Really Really Want

Guys, if you don’t fit in with the guys described on the list below, it’s really ok to stab yourself in the eye and cry blood.

  1. Tall, dark and handsome is still a desire but if you are short, fair and look like a miniature Segun Arinze, fear not, you can still get in. All you need is a tall and handsome bank account that hardly sees dark days. Oh, these days, having a beard is a major substitute for all of this. Once you have a beard, these women don’t care that you really don’t have money for a shave.
  2. Care: Women want men that care for them, the kind that will massage their feet after a long day of trekking with heels, run a bath for them and maybe even make dinner. Of course, the fact that her feet stink, the tap is faulty and all you have is dinner should not matter. Just do it dammit!
  3. Men who mind their business. Women like men who don’t try to form familiar or invade their space. You don’t have to know all her friends and make small talk about them. This is pretty explanatory, some of you guys think you have to be friends with her clique, YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THE GIRLS!!! The sooner this sinks in, the better.
  4. Are you a man that uses make up? Yes? Then we have a problem. When you begin to line your eyebrows, dye your hair and maybe even apply a little mascara, she begins to wonder who the woman is in the relationship. Yes, some of you do this so fix up.
  5. Don’t be a critic. If you are privileged to eat her food, do not criticise it no matter how bad it is. Even if the jollof rice tastes like tomato struggled together with rice in a prison pot, just smile and show appreciation. This is very important, especially if you don’t know how to cook either. And no, your various Indomie recipes do NOT count.
  6. You know that thing many guys do (especially the ones from Eastern Nigeria), that Michael Jackson thing where you grab your crotch? Yes. Don’t do that. No it doesn’t tell her your Johnny is big, It doesn’t tell her you’re packing a tight package, it tells her “Hi, I’m an idiot and my brains are in my pants, so I’m just checking it’s still here”
  7. Sometimes, it’s good to lie. When she asks you what you studied in school, pick one of the masculine courses like Engineering, Maths, Banking etc. Women want a man who at least has some education or speaks like he has one. Look, if you spell stuff like “yew”, “kk”, “mawin” you don’t deserve a woman, you need an English teacher – A male one.
  8. A sense of humour. Women want a man that can laugh, not some serious zombie looking dude. But be sure your humour is genuine (*cough* Tunde *cough* Ednut) I don’t know how to explain this further so imma just leave it as it is.
  9. Mystery. You don’t have to tell her your entire life history; that just seems needy. Let there be some mystery about you. For instance, don’t tell her that the scar on your left arm came as a result of falling from the swing when you were a kid. Tell her it’s from a dark past you don’t want to remember. You see? She’ll be in awe. LOL. Don’t blame me if something  goes wrong afterwards sha.
  10. Responsibility. That’s part of a relationship. Women want a responsible man, not necessarily the one that comes home at 7pm, doesn’t smoke or drink; BUT the one that is responsible for his bills…and hers too. Generally, you have to be a proactive nigga; have her best interests at heart and work to ensure she’s a comfortable queen.
  11. Don’t be too friendly. Women see their men as trophies and don’t like when you become too friendly with other women. They like the feeling of having something others want…but can’t have. So if you like, be flirting up and down the entire online universe, Just in case you don’t know, that’s major disrespect and disregard for the relationship you have..or want to have. I think I just subbed myself.

- Miele.

When you left I didn’t know how to feel
They say pain demands to be felt, nobody told me that on time
For weeks unending I was a mess
I didn’t want to live anymore
I didn’t want to experience your absence
I knew my heart couldn’t take it.

Then my body shut down on me
The doctor said it was all in my head
I was referred to a mind doctor
He told me to let my heart break
I needed to let my heart break so it could heal
But I couldn’t, it could kill me.

Eventually I let myself feel
Of all the emotions, I settled for anger
I was so mad, so mad
Mad at God for letting you leave, knowing how much I need you
Mad at you for leaving, knowing how much I need you
Mad at myself for letting you leave, knowing how…

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